Welcome To Our Blog!

Shades of Sinatra

Well, it’s official! Shades of Sinatra has entered the 21st century!!!

We now have a WEBSITE where you can access everything “Shades” (we promise we will be updating the info frequently), and now we even have a BLOG!!!

We hope that you will check in with us often to see what’s up and where we’ll be playing next (newest posts will always be listed first…). You can even access an RSS feed of our blog and add us to your Google Reader (or other blog reader of choice)…just click on the RSS Feed on the right side of the home page. Gotta love technology!


1 thought on “Welcome To Our Blog!

  1. We saw your show tonite and it was great, you people have it down to an art. We were very impressed and greatly entertained, I would reccomend it to anyone who likes Sinatra and even if they are not. Great show glad we came to see it.

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