NEW Schedule, NEW Showroom!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

THE SHADES are super excited to announce that we have moved to a new theater at the Clarion Hotel….THE MAIN SHOWROOM! And, beginning June 25, 2012, we’ll be moving to our new schedule as well…Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm. As always, you can find great online specials at and (free VIP upgrade specials available!), as well as various other discount brokers all over Las Vegas!

We also wanted to share a very small except from the most recent press review “Shades of Sinatra” received…this time from Richard Lane of “Vegas Chatter!”

“This is a very seasoned and very in-sync team…they clearly still enjoy working together and give the numbers all their worth. These folks can sing. If you want an hour and fifteen minutes of songs you know, sung with passion, this show will make you happy…” <read the entire review HERE> It’s worth reading…it’s a GREAT review!

Finally, a fun candid photo with a couple of the singer/dancers and musical director from “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” after our performance at the San Gennaro Feast in Las Vegas earlier this month (we performed Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights). We had SUCH a great time, as always. Big thanks to Tony Sacca for inviting us to participate again, to the incredible Michael T Orchestra (Dan Ellis, Jeff Davis, Steve Johnson, Gary Queen, Michael Tramontana), to Bruce Hammond (pictured here along with his wife and fellow Shades sub, Jennifer Hammond) for filling in for Ryan on Friday night, and to our many friends and fans who came out to support and “hang” with us. We love you all!

As always, please keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter…we look forward to talking with you and seeing you soon!


Oh, What a Night!!!!

"Shades of Sinatra" with Ray Wolf, Wolf Theater

We had such a wonderful time at our 100th show and after-party! Great friends and fans (many of whom have been there from the very beginning of Shades back in 2005!) and LOTS of champagne made for an incredible and FUN evening! You can view all the photos from the event (taken by Lisa’s husband, Ron Smith) in our Facebook album here:

The Shades (Carmine, Lisa, Larry & Ryan) would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all those who came that night, to the entire tech crew (Rob, Chuck, Sammie & Claire), and of course to the Clarion Hotel & Wolf Theater for providing the food & champagne for the evening & making it so special for us.

Most importantly, we’d like to send out a personal and heartfelt thank you to Ray Wolf (owner of the Wolf Theater) for taking a chance on a relatively new show last February…you believed in us (and continue to believe in us) and we are SO GRATEFUL! Thank you for everything you and your beautiful wife, Jamie, do on a daily basis to help make our show a success. We love you!

Shades of Sinatra: Appearing every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday evening, 8:00pm, at the Clarion Hotel & Casino (formerly The Greek Isles). Tickets can be purchased at the box office (305 Convention Center Drive. Las Vegas , NV 89109), by calling 702-990-1524 or online at Click HERE to view full calendar of appearances & shows!

We’re a HIT!

We are thrilled to announce that shows have been going really well and ticket sales have been steadily increasing week by week! Hooray!!

In addition, we are now listed on most of the major ticket broker and review sites (,,, etc., etc…) and we’ve been getting some fantastic online reviews. So we thought we’d take a quick moment to share (and BRAG about) a few of the great comments we’ve been getting from those who have seen our show recently. It really means a lot to hear positive feedback about something you’ve worked so hard for… :)

Here are a few excerpts from some of our favorite reviews:

“…I’ve seen almost every Cirque and Broadway show in Vegas. Well I have to say that I was BLOWN AWAY by this show! The vocals, arrangements and cast were all amazing….”

“Great talent and entertainment! Even my kids, ages 8 and 12, loved every moment of it….It was a beautiful, entertaining, humorous, and touching tribute to Sinatra. I highly recommend this wonderful show!”

“Fabulous Show…I saw the show with my husband and 14 year old granddaughter and we all loved it. I couldn’t stop from swaying back and forth to the music. I thought Frank Sinatra would certainly be proud of the show they put together in his honor….”

“We took our parents to the show and we all loved it. It’s a great tribute to old blue eyes. The singers really brought you back in time….this is definitely a show worth seeing while in Vegas….”

“Great show. Lots of talent on stage,and the singing was great. I would rate it a must see. It was very entertaining, and a great deal for the price….”

“Shades of Sinatra is one of the best shows I have ever seen….All four singers have incredible voices. And they genuinely look like they are having fun….INCREDIBLE SHOW. INCREDIBLE PERFORMERS!”

“One of the very best shows I’ve ever seen both in and out of Las Vegas–and I live in LA and go to a lot of theatre. The cast is amazing–extremely talented, charismatic, and beautifully captures the essence of Sinatra….”

“Great Value and a top ‘Feelgood’ factor….It’s not a long show, lasting around 85 minutes, but the cast play it with infectious enthusiasm which transmits to the audience. Inevitably, there are songs you wish had been included, but the songs do come thick and fast. We loved it, and if you like Sinatra, you’ll like this presentation.”

“Franktastic!…Funny at times, the performers exude their love for Sinatra, performing a nice variety of Sinatra’s classics. Solos, duets, and a medely for the finale, my wife and I thouroghly enjoyed this show and would recommend it to anyone, young or old, that loves Frank!”

“My husband and I love Frank Sinatra’s music. We attended The Shades of Sinatra and were blown away by the passion, characters, and originality. This is a must see show….”

“We had a wonderful time!!! Shades of Sinatra belong in a much bigger venue right on the strip. Incredible voices. I will definitely look for them next time we’re in town.”

You can read MORE reviews on

By the way, if you’ve seen the show and enjoyed it, we’d LOVE it if YOU would add your OWN review! CLICK HERE to join (it’s free) and post a favorable review. You know the saying, “If you liked the show, please tell all your friends. And if ya didn’t…don’t say nothin’.” :)

“Shades of Sinatra” Tues, Thurs & Saturday Evenings, 8pm Show, Wolf Theater, Clarion Hotel & Casino

SPECIAL “SUMMER” DEAL FOR SINATRA FANS: 1/2 Price tickets available…online at!

Successful Preview Night at the Clarion Hotel and Casino!

Hi Everyone!

First of all, we want to say a BIG thank you to all of our friends and fans who come out to support our first night at the Clarion Hotel & Casino! Despite the freezing-cold weather, we had a nice crowd there and the show turned out to be a great success! We have one more discounted Preview Night this Tuesday, February 8th at 6:00pm (get your $10 Off General Admission Coupon HERE), and then on February 15th we begin our regular schedule of EVERY Tuesday & Thursday night at 8:00pm. Hope to see you at the Clarion!

Welcome To Our Blog!


Shades of Sinatra

Well, it’s official! Shades of Sinatra has entered the 21st century!!!

We now have a WEBSITE where you can access everything “Shades” (we promise we will be updating the info frequently), and now we even have a BLOG!!!

We hope that you will check in with us often to see what’s up and where we’ll be playing next (newest posts will always be listed first…). You can even access an RSS feed of our blog and add us to your Google Reader (or other blog reader of choice)…just click on the RSS Feed on the right side of the home page. Gotta love technology!

About Us!

Relive the music of the legendary FRANK SINATRA!

Shades of Sinatra (starring Carmine Mandia, Larry Liso, Lisa Smith & Ryan Baker) is an original musical production celebrating the extensive music and career of the great Frank Sinatra. Featuring over 30 of Sinatra’s biggest hits, this show pays tribute to most of the signature Sinatra tunes one would expect, as well as several that may be new to casual fans. Its cast members create unique characters that celebrate him in their own ways, often drawing on experiences from their own lives; and in between songs and poignant stories, there is plenty of zany humor and good-natured ribbing among the cast, creating the vintage, off-the-cuff Vegas show atmosphere that is associated with Ol’ Blue Eyes himself.

Shades of Sinatra: Appearing every Tuesday & Thursday evening, 8:00pm, at the Clarion Hotel & Casino (formerly The Greek Isles). Tickets can be purchased at the box office (305 Convention Center Drive. Las Vegas , NV 89109) or by calling 702-990-1524. Click HERE to view full calendar of appearances & shows!